When Men Hate Women.

Lisbeth Salander

"She went around with the attitude that she would rather be
beaten to death than take any s***".
-Steig Larsson, Millenium Trilogy. 

“She closed her eyes and conjured up the smell of gasoline”. -Steig Larsson.

Her Journey has become an international sensation and her secrets have captivated millons; Lisbeth Salander is the girl with the dragon tattooPart of Steig Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tells the story of a missing girl, a brutal murderer and an unsolved mystery. The Millenium series consists of three novels and questions how far you can get to the truth before you become a target yourself.

"Don't ever fight with Lisbeth, is someone threatens her with a gun, she'll get a bigger one." -Steig Larsson.

“Don’t ever fight with Lisbeth, is someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger one.” -Steig Larsson.

Lisbeth Salander is the main character of the Swedush author Steig Larsson’s Millenium series, along with Mikael Blomkvist. As a woman in her twenties with a photographic memory and poor social skills, Lisbeth is most easily recognised by a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder blade. Being a prominent figure in the international hacker community, Lisbeth’s computer skills means she is able to make a living by doing investigative work for Milton Security.

For me, Lisbeth Salander is a strong feminist icon of literature not only because she is skillfull, but because she is a survivor. She is the survivor of a traumatic childhood and establishes herself as a strong female in a world ruled by men. Originally called ‘Men Who Hate Women’, within all three of his novels, Steig Larsson portrays Lisbeth as being particularly hostile to men who abuse women, taking pleasure in exposing and punishing them. In conclusion, although Lisbeth Salander is highly introverted and anti-social, throughout the trilogy Lisebth acts charitably, showing particular kindness to her old guardian; establishing herself as a triumphant anti-heroine.

 "I tried to kill my father. I burned him alive."
-Lisbeth Salander.





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Hi, its Tia. From Cambridge, England. Avid reader, film watcher and feminist. Studying for an undergraduate degree in English Literature at York St John University. The tone of my blog has hopefully developed into a more literary and critical analysis of female roles in cinema and literature. This is a development that I hope to continue as I progress with my studies. Hope you enjoy my blog and do feel free to leave a comment.
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4 Responses to When Men Hate Women.

  1. Sophia xx says:

    I read the first one of this series, I mean it was brilliantly written and I loved the strong female character of Lisbeth Sandler!
    Also please take a look at my blog.
    Sophia xx


    • Feminism Through Cinema and Literature says:

      I quite agree. Steig Larsson is such an excellent author. He is so talented. I definitely recommend reading The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, they are very good. Thanks for you comment.


      • Sophia xx says:

        No problem, I asked my mum to buy then me but I didn’t think she knew how rude they were, otherwise I don’t think she would have bought them me haha.


      • Feminism Through Cinema and Literature says:

        Yes they are really really violent. But I love the way Lisbeth always manages to expose the villians. The swedish television series is also very good too.


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