The Brilliance of Lana Del Rey.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

“Find someone who has the life that you want and figure how
 they got it. Read books. Pick your role models wisely. Find
 out what they did and do it.”


With her music being recognised for its cinematic sound and its references to pop-culture, particularly 1960s Americana, Lana Del Rey has to be my favourite artist of 21st century. In particular, it is the Hollywood Sadcore of her music which speaks to me and attracts me not only to Lana’s music, but her philosophies concerning life as well.

487baefaf3db3c10063cc65c35909ac5Describing herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and a “Lolita lost in the hood”, Lana Del Rey is an amazing role model and inspiration when it comes to creating your own world centred around turning your darkest desires, weaknesses and flaws into a form of strength. Moreover, she has created an identity that is beautiful. For instance, the singer claims that she chose the name Lana Del Rey because it reminds her “of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous, coming off the tip of the tongue”.

Also, I love the fact that although she is already a feminist icon in herself, she doesn’t hide her romantic ideals and ideas about love and relationships. She manages to mix independence, power and success with the beauty of being somebody’s ‘woman’ and having a cool boyfriend. In addressing the criticism she received in relation to her breakthrough song ‘Video Games’, Lana said “I didn’t understand how that arose any kind of feminist commentary, because all I was saying was, ‘I’m so happy when you get home, and heaven is a place on earth with you. I’ve never been happier.’  I didn’t understand any reason why that sounded submissive, to me. In fact, I actually thought that at such a young age, I was blessed to find someone who made me so happy. And I just didn’t understand why true love shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all. I have everything else, you know? But obviously, in other songs, it takes a different turn. And it’s just different experiences, really.”



About Feminism Through Cinema and Literature

Hi, its Tia. From Cambridge, England. Avid reader, film watcher and feminist. Studying for an undergraduate degree in English Literature at York St John University. The tone of my blog has hopefully developed into a more literary and critical analysis of female roles in cinema and literature. This is a development that I hope to continue as I progress with my studies. Hope you enjoy my blog and do feel free to leave a comment.
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