A feminist Pinner.


The Feminist Pinner; Tia Byer (me).

download (1)Can’t get enough with anything to do with Feminism Through Cinema and Literature? Check out my feminist-themed boards on Pinterest (https://uk.pinterest.com/tiabyer/).

From Feminist film, photography and quotes, to photos of female icons such as Priscilla Presley, Vivien Leigh and Jackie Kennedy, my Pinterest boards will definitely appeal to your inner feminist. With a total of seven boards for you to looks through, your sure to find a feminist pic worth pinning…


The Girliest Director in Hollywood.

1.) Feminism Through Cinema and Literature 

Celebrating the ‘most influential feminist icons throughout the history of cinema and literature’, you will find all the images used in this blog. Expect to find a collection of pictures of a Unique Southern Belle, an Iron Lady, an American Princess, an Amazonian Princess, a Proud Mutant and many more.


2.) Vivien Leigh 


Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara.

A board with ‘rare photographs of the British actress Vivien Leigh’. Known as one of the greatest actresses of her time, I first discovered my obsession with Vivien Leigh after I saw Gone With the Wind and was mesmerized by her performance as the “southern belle” Scarlett O’Hara. As well as being a film star, Viven had a 30-year stage career. Most notably, Vivien is remembered for her roles as many Shakespearian heroines, such as Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, Cleopatra and Juliet.


3.) Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons as Estella.

Jean Simmons as Estella.

This board includes photographs of the ‘beautiful British Actress Jean Simmons’ OBE. One of J.Arthur Rank’s “well-spoken young starlets”, she appeared predominantly in films, beginning with those made in Great Britain during and after the Second World War, followed mainly by Hollywood films from 1950 onwards.  Among her many memorable film roles, my favourite character she portrayed is the cruel and teasing Estella in the 1946 version of Great Expectations. 


4.) Affirmations


Wise Words.

Full of  ‘inspiring, comforting and positive quotes’, this board is perhaps the most philosophical of my boards.  With quotes ranging from movies to the wise words of celebrities, these pins will inspire and lift you up.


5.) Pretty Priscilla Presley


Mrs Priscilla Presley.

My Pretty Priscilla Presley board displays hundreds of pictures, gifs and illustrations of the enchanting ex-wife of Elvis Presley. Being mildly obsessed with anything vintage, Priscilla is not only my style icon, she has become my all-time favourite celebrity. One of the original icons of the 20th century, Priscilla Presley’s style during the Fifties and Sixties continues to fascinate today. Flamboyant, individual and always glamorous, the Queen of Rock n’ Roll’s dress sense remains instantly recognizable today and is often emulated by current icons, including Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. She also appears to be the most fashionable, adorable and cutest mother ever.


6.) America’s Queen

The Regal First Lady.

The Regal First Lady.

My most recent board includes pictures of America’s Queen: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Known as the most stylish First Lady, as well as in the world, I first discovered my love for Jackie.O when my mum recommended reading her biography. With her famous ensemble of pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat has become symbolic of her husband’s assassination and one of the lasting images of the 1960s. She ranks as one of the most popular First Ladies and in 1999 was named on Gallup’s list of Most Admired Men and Women in 20th century America.


7.) Girl Power


Girls are Better; the truth.

Think pink, glitter, diamonds, dresses, artwork, fashion and lots of flowers; my Girl Power board celebrates ‘all things girly’. Upon researching the definition of girly in anticipation of creating this, I found several definitions that can be applied to the inspiration behind my favourite board. For example, the urban dictionary describes girly as …

  • A woman who still have a fun, pixie, naughty side.
  • Bright and Bubbly; Cute and a sweetheart.
  • When a girl is very feminine because she chooses to be. It doesn’t make her weak or stupid or ditzy, it just means she likes pretty things.

Enough Said!


So be sure to check out my feminist-themed Pinterest boards.




About Feminism Through Cinema and Literature

Hi, its Tia. From Cambridge, England. Avid reader, film watcher and feminist. Studying for an undergraduate degree in English Literature at York St John University. The tone of my blog has hopefully developed into a more literary and critical analysis of female roles in cinema and literature. This is a development that I hope to continue as I progress with my studies. Hope you enjoy my blog and do feel free to leave a comment.
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2 Responses to A feminist Pinner.

  1. catren moore says:

    ooh Vivien Leigh, anything vintage, women in movies and books- these some of my favourites too! Now looking forward to following your boards, Pindred spirits 🙂


    • Feminism Through Cinema and Literature says:

      oh that is so nice to here. Personally i find that vintage things tend to be more fun!


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